My life

Was a game
I clicked past
The beginner
Demo to play.

I was confident
I knew that A
Meant jump &
B meant run or
Attack, and I’d
Button mashed
The rest, acting
Like that was
Being player 1.

I used to think I
Was the Amazing
Spider-Man t[w/o]o.


Always wearing
A mask is hard.

I’d take it off by
Myself to breathe.

I trusted some people
With my real Pet-her
Park-her, for them to
Wish they’d only ever
Known Spider-woooo


This pandemic
Glitched me
An opportunity
To replay the
Parts I skipped,


I don’t ignore the
Little men with
Their signs and
Suggestions for
Anymore, as I play.


I Know now
That I can
Pause this,
At any time.

To breathe,

And play——at
The same time.


I don’t know how
Long this tutorial
Is, but One day…
I will go back out
Into that world &

Be Ready to face
All the monsters.

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