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Pronounced: Burn A Debt


Dr. Bernadette 🐥 “bird” Bowen (She/they/Dr.) is an award- and grant-winning 🔏 published poet, 🤓 Media & Communication PhD, & obtained their Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies certificate 🧾

Alongside a handful of colleagues since 2019, Dr. bird has helped spearhead a critical feminist wave of media ecology that incorporates cultural studies, further exemplifying their personal critical media ecological framework within her dissertation project entitled “From the Boardroom to the Bedroom: Sexual Ecologies in the Algorithmic Age” 🏛🤑⛪️📖🫦💻🤖

Their project was a critical feminist and media ecological analysis of biomimetic sextech device advertisements marketed to vulva-havers, that anticipated the “rise of lonely single men” and AFAB folks queer and neurodiverse on TikTok in the ongoing COVID envirusment.

In 2019, they were awarded the SMC Harold & Elaine Fisher Award, awarded first and second place in the Women’s, Gender, Sexuality Studies Graduate Essay Contest two years in a row, and the 2019 Media Ecology Association Top Convention Paper. She has over eighty published poems, and academic publications on algorithmic age phenomena on topics like Leftbook memes, digital and algorithmic evidence of love, and the sexually violent U.S. ecology.

At the end of their PhD they won the Urban Communication Foundation / Media Ecology Association student research grant to publish their paper “Car as extension of whiteness: Not everyone’s skin has been extended equally” in Explorations in Media Ecology (EME).

Since finishing their PhD,  Dr. bird gained followers rapidly on TikTok, and continues sharing their experiences, serving as a human-centric resource on applied critical media ecology for (especially, autistic and trans, victim and/or survivor, millennials / Gen Z) folks who continue struggling to exist in a colonial capitalist system, hellbent on sickening, disabling, and killing (especially the immunocompromised among) us for profit.

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