About Dr. bird


Pronounced: Burn A Debt


Dr. Bernadette 🐥 “bird” Bowen (she/they/Dr.) is an award- and grant-winning 🔏 published poet, 🤓 Media & Communication PhD, & obtained her Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies certificate 🧾

Poetry books on Amazon Kindle🕵️

Chapter in “Misogyny Across Global Media” 📖

Free academic pubs on Academia.edu 🤓

Dissertation: “From the Boardroom to the Bedroom: Sexual Ecologies in the Algorithmic Age” 🏛🤑⛪️📖🫦💻🤖

Podcast about my key critical media ecological insights in the works: “bird’s eye view” 🐥🦠🌎

Creator of Clubhouse’s📚 “Critical Media Ecology” club 🤔💭

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