You Almost Had Me

You know,

I forgot

For awhile.

Leaned onto
Your casted

Turns out,
It was


Cuts outs
Can be So


They almost
Look like the
Person from
Far away…..

If you squint
Your eyes…..

…..And Really
Lose yourself
In the illusion.



I made the
Mistake of
Coming up
Close to us.


Text doesn’t
Lie or cheat
Like humans.

The where-
-With-all I
Left behind

Was All
Right there

Where I’d
Let it hide.


Maybe It
Too needed
The |space|
To grow~%~*
Into itself…

The kinks…

And imagine
A straddling
Love affair
Gone soft…

….Over the
……Of time.

The green
Juices of…
Self-love &

Exhale any~

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