Crusty Hairy Bear

Once upon a
Time there was
A _____ _____ ____.

His name was
Borings Bonsky

And he went
On a funded
Adventure on
Kick-starter to
Drive around in
A Station wagon
& Paint just okay
Portraits of
People around
The country.


One magical
Friday Night
Of Bonksy’s
Crusty Travels

He Found a
Little game
Shop, and

Decided to
Go inside
& draft up
Fresh prey.


Bonksy met a
Young blue
Haired Woman


At the time,

Did not care
If she lived
Or died,

And so she
Agreed to
Go with
Him on

His trek
To nearby
The next day.


That day,
Turned into
Three days

[Where, in
A Different

That blue

Surely did
Not fawn
As well,

And her
Body has
Yet to be

But instead,

The crusty
Hairy bear
Did what
Crusty hairy
Bears do to
Blue haired
Girls. He
Took her
Back to his
Station wage
Cave, & ate
Her alive
& sexually,

then proceeding
To Drag her near
Lifeless body

To a Walmart
Parking lot

And plead
For her to
Move with
Him back to

[for a little
Light sex


What the
Crusty hairy
Bear failed
To Realize

Is that,
despite her
General lack of

This Blue
haired women
had in fact
Seen some
Shit before,

And knew
Her way
Around the

sharpness of
Male Teeth
& Claws well
Enough to

Cower when
She needed,

and run—-
Like hell—-

As Soon as
She found
Her moment.


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