How to fall out of love with someone if they repeat your own poetry back to you…

1. You canNot. You are Irreparably In love now. —- 2. Make —A— “To Do” List of Not—- Loving -Them. Note every Minor Qualm, Catastrophizing Their Humanness. —- 3. Chalk up your Chemistry to Coincidence. “They,& youCOULD—-Be—-Anyone.” —- 4. Move far, Far Away. Wear Physical Distance From them, Like a Tailored Suit, Fashioning Your Home- made, Homicided ———“We”. ———————- Continue reading How to fall out of love with someone if they repeat your own poetry back to you…


TheWaterHit myTeethLiketin Foil. — I amOrgans-isming. HandsOverFists Full ofStatic. — “I justDon’tFeelGood,” UsedTo Be aReason OnlyGoodEnough ForAnyone But me. — My sensesPour- andBe-trayedOur insides. AlexithymiaDisconnected The dotsBetweenMy lines. — My skinsTurn redIn alarm—-of—-Feelings I cannotCompute, OnlyShakeFree. — I haveBeen…Spite———Full. VisceralAnarchy. A fireIn me Refuses—Dormancy. — “It doesNot haveTo be——This way,” I scream IntoFutureSilence. WordsSaid for OtherPeople’sChildren. Continue reading Ism-ing

Dead leaves

blendin with Stillliving. — Dehydrated,And left toDie outside In HarshCold winter, They areAmongThe many We chooseTo unsee. — Theirleaves,Curl in, As if to hugThemselvesIn Ought-em, Lie structureDecomposed. — They, thethin andvalueless. Rake theLikes ofThem up,& jump in. Come, postAbout them. A ritual toMemorialize The state ofBeing longDead inside. Continue reading Dead leaves

Growing from concrete

TheyAskedMe…. “Whatam IdoingHere?” — I SprungFrom aPatch ofHard earth. How dida BeautifulThing Growin Materials So Coarse &Unforgiving. — I BloomFor you inMy Body. —- After manyStagesOf Growth, My petals, [Blossom From ModifiedLeaves] EncaseBrightlyColoredShadesOf Blush. — I curlMy petalsFor you; BloomingTowardsYour sun. — I haveSwayedIn placeTo learn My ownBotanyOf futureSight. — Like leavesIn the rain, The cards Spill allYourSecrets. They drip outUnder myndEyes, lockedDown asleep. —- … Continue reading Growing from concrete

💡I learned

To stringLights. LiesUpon myLimbs forAnother. I Turn onmy Face, As LivingDay-core. —- They sayMaskingTakes offFourteenYears ofYour life. Trauma,SunkenIn To Our Skins—-——Deep. —- They sayFluorescentLights willKill you. Some ofUs mustTake theWarning,Literally. —- We, theElectricity, SparklingSocialSpacesWith ALLOf ourEnergies Til all our—💡 💡Burn out. —- I haveBeenLeft, Frayed WiresCovered In WarmGlass. —- Leave. do NotComeback MistakingMy bulbsFor yoursnack,Waiting. —- I have sinceSmashedThe fixture You onceGazed Upon. ReMade myself … Continue reading 💡I learned

We are water

YouMoveMe, Like IMoveYou. — I watchedYou move, & saw me inYour hands; Commanding, GentleSolutions. — YourkneesSloshed& ShookOf me. In plain—Sight. — We areSymbiotic. Our love, MadeColors Of GreatBarrierReefs, And SeaAnemones. — We Were. An Us, So lively Before IndustrialScrapes& fracks Upon ourDesolateBottoms. — Must We———BeBleached & left toWonder… What MightOur movesMean Now? Continue reading We are water

You gave me

Too manyPieces ofOur puzzle. I can takeUs apartAnd putUs backTogether———too. —- I assembledOur FrameFirst, but amStrugglingTo fill out allOur details. Could youShow meHow weMight fitTogether? —- What kindOf pictureDo youImagineAll ourParts mightMake, whenFinally laidAlongsideOne other? —- I knowyou— ThinkaboutIt too. ——————- Continue reading You gave me

My brain

is bulging. She’sBloatedReadyto Purge. I dice myineffables, Exhale myPhonetic———Gut. — My notesUpload. They slidedown the—— Page. — On Internetplatforms, I Spore myselfMain-staged. — We knowWhereTo Go When We can goNo where. — Our covers, Wrinkled &fitted sheets. We Pull off allOur comforts, ExposingFoamyMemories. —- Some daysI’m all EarDefenders& shaking.………………..Notifications.………………..Leave themat my door. — Lock downsTransformed Me intoStrong,thin, &SmoothSkins. I Am living Present -COVIDDisguise. — Unmaskme … Continue reading My brain