tightly woven

he’s got these women he weaves in and out like shift work. never touching, always brushing forces Uncommunicably; filling the gaps his miserable lonliness awake he can’t bare to face. son of god, trapped on that fabricated temple of entertainment, never wanting to be bothered on your time. says it’s easier to fall asleep with a body nearby, be it special or unimpressive. spits out … Continue reading tightly woven

i want my stolen copy of MW2 back

Originally published January 21st, 2017. —————————————- Chandelier, Ride the bus. Two wine bottles, empty stomach. — Kegan said “let me guide” It’s not rape if friends decide. — Looking back, cerebral patches snuff photographs, scattered over blacked out crash. — Kegan left trauma in your skin while his Goons made a meal. — they left pans in your sink but bigger mess in your head. And … Continue reading i want my stolen copy of MW2 back