Self-Hatred for Dummies

step 1: romanticize, fetishize, another’s rejection of you. relish in any received contact from them, as mice do leftover crumbs brushed onto the floor. — step 2: polish your memory of this “We” on weekends, like pretend still-living structure. awe at Their glazed-over eye windows, broken beautiful. reminisce the nights which left decimate their inner tissue paper torn walls; self-inflicted by faithful perish hands. — … Continue reading Self-Hatred for Dummies


there exists a different [communal, masochistic; what have you] plane of “-landers.” a lesser told tale; the lowlanders. — Taking Literally The “Where you Go high, We go low” Mentality, lowlanders consent to and will cut off their own heads, in spite of themselves, in order for others to absorb their essence. — if one seeks a thirst for power in this land, Sorry, buddy, … Continue reading lowlander