Dead leaves

blendin with Stillliving. — Dehydrated,And left toDie outside In HarshCold winter, They areAmongThe many We chooseTo unsee. — Theirleaves,Curl in, As if to hugThemselvesIn Ought-em, Lie structureDecomposed. — They, thethin andvalueless. Rake theLikes ofThem up,& jump in. Come, postAbout them. A ritual toMemorialize The state ofBeing longDead inside. Continue reading Dead leaves

Growing from concrete

TheyAskedMe…. “Whatam IdoingHere?” — I SprungFrom aPatch ofHard earth. How dida BeautifulThing Growin Materials So Coarse &Unforgiving. — I BloomFor you inMy Body. —- After manyStagesOf Growth, My petals, [Blossom From ModifiedLeaves] EncaseBrightlyColoredShadesOf Blush. — I curlMy petalsFor you; BloomingTowardsYour sun. — I haveSwayedIn placeTo learn My ownBotanyOf futureSight. — Like leavesIn the rain, The cards Spill allYourSecrets. They drip outUnder myndEyes, lockedDown asleep. —- … Continue reading Growing from concrete

Plant Care

My giant WeepingWillow, PleaseDo notForgetTo pullThe WeedsAroundYourBase. PleaseKeepOur Trunk ofSecretsTightly BehindThe old BarkOf yourChest. —- You areForever ReflectedInside me. My love Hums A OneWindSong BeneathYour shade. —- I canBe theBreeze And Pond EnduringYourLeaves When the Weight ofYour vines BecomesToo heavyFor you ——Not to——-Hang——Down Sprawled…………Limp, Over ourOpenWaters. —- I see A lifeUnderneath CurvatureOf yourToweringDeciduousFrame. —- True toForm, Our leavesAlternate, And spiral. — You are here In … Continue reading Plant Care