We Mirrored

In myDreamlastNight. Our feetMet atThe soles. Each of us On the flipSide of that—-Mattress. —- You………. pretendedTo be…….. ……Asleep, But ourIntimacyWas WidE——Awake. —- I Drewon you WithGreenCrayons, LeavingMarks, you Could——not—- Explain awayTo Others, inThe morning. — I got upFirst, toShower. When IReturnedYou were——Gone. Continue reading We Mirrored


Has usOut Here[not]Thinking. “CoveringEverythingIn poisonIs health,” It saysThrough Money& shitEatingGrins. — It’s———-Volatile. |Organic. |Chemicals Slow KilledMy mother. And then itPaid for her. CapitalismPlacedPrice tagOn herLife to us. —- I nearlySuffo-CatedIn herBloodMoney. PleaseExcuseMy short-Ness ofBreathe When ISay fuck___________. Colonialism,See, oh, too. Gonna…Suffocate—-ThE——possibilities. Make it’sBronchiInto frozenAir bags Hit byIt’s ownPoisonsImpact. —- DehumanizationSo trendy, If I said I WasHuman No longer Would AnyoneEven bat An eye? Continue reading Capitalism

The World

DesensitizedMe….but myNerves grewBack to feel-|————-You. — This blush?Au natural. My skinCannotBe StoreBought. — I am aCorrection. A Redpen MarkingDown Test-a-men-t. —- We are anIncomplete, But, of,Course. — ClimateCry-sis—me—A river. — I am——A Once Dead—ChristianNightmare, Inquisitive,And queer. — Commod-I[high]fiy-Ve me, bb. Use meLike aSubject. Continue reading The World

How to fall out of love with someone if they repeat your own poetry back to you…

1. You canNot. You are Irreparably In love now. —- 2. Make —A— “To Do” List of Not—- Loving -Them. Note every Minor Qualm, Catastrophizing Their Humanness. —- 3. Chalk up your Chemistry to Coincidence. “They,& youCOULD—-Be—-Anyone.” —- 4. Move far, Far Away. Wear Physical Distance From them, Like a Tailored Suit, Fashioning Your Home- made, Homicided ———“We”. ———————- Continue reading How to fall out of love with someone if they repeat your own poetry back to you…

Dead leaves

blendin with Stillliving. — Dehydrated,And left toDie outside In HarshCold winter, They areAmongThe many We chooseTo unsee. — Theirleaves,Curl in, As if to hugThemselvesIn Ought-em, Lie structureDecomposed. — They, thethin andvalueless. Rake theLikes ofThem up,& jump in. Come, postAbout them. A ritual toMemorialize The state ofBeing longDead inside. Continue reading Dead leaves