A dream 🤢

I pulled seapebblesfromcakedwoundsin myarms, one-by-one. —- I hadforgottenAnother recentDream,Of theseWounds My mindFinally Showed. — My skin,almostClosedAround SmallRocks, ShowingThem-SelvesOn myDominantbicep. — I ThoughtNo oneWouldCall meOn them. — They,ClearlyA partOf me. Small[but]HeavyForeignObjects, Snug-AlmostConvincingly-Into my skin. —- Dug into myDermis, they Lookedso much A part of me. Until—I beganremoving—|_| _|Them, pulling These layeredPebbles, stone-By-stone, from Deep craters TheyLeftInside. —- The moreI removed, The moreI could seeUnderneath Still needing___|to … Continue reading A dream 🤢

We Mirrored

In myDreamlastNight. Our feetMet atThe soles. Each of us On the flipSide of that—-Mattress. —- You………. pretendedTo be…….. ……Asleep, But ourIntimacyWas WidE——Awake. —- I Drewon you WithGreenCrayons, LeavingMarks, you Could——not—- Explain awayTo Others, inThe morning. — I got upFirst, toShower. When IReturnedYou were——Gone. Continue reading We Mirrored


Has usOut Here[not]Thinking. “CoveringEverythingIn poisonIs health,” It saysThrough Money& shitEatingGrins. — It’s———-Volatile. |Organic. |Chemicals Slow KilledMy mother. And then itPaid for her. CapitalismPlacedPrice tagOn herLife to us. —- I nearlySuffo-CatedIn herBloodMoney. PleaseExcuseMy short-Ness ofBreathe When ISay fuck___________. Colonialism,See, oh, too. Gonna…Suffocate—-ThE——possibilities. Make it’sBronchiInto frozenAir bags Hit byIt’s ownPoisonsImpact. —- DehumanizationSo trendy, If I said I WasHuman No longer Would AnyoneEven bat An eye? Continue reading Capitalism


TheyHanded usGypsies, too Their WhiteClay bowl. — Shrunk usDown, satUs all inside, Cold, andSaid, “ThisIs who you HaveAlwaysBeen.” —- We, too,Knew…Better… We areTheGeysers. WeareLife Ascending. Darks,Grays,Tans InBloom. We raiseUp IntoOurselves. — Theydidn’tCalculate Our wombsOnly knowTo create,Freely. — WebreatheIn Truths. MaskOurselves, FromTheirLies. — WeFillOurSelves, Un-Contain-ableLives, Bellowing OutSideColdCeramic. Continue reading Bellow