Are we

RemovedEnoughFor you? Have youFoundComfort inThe laps(e) Of onesAnd zeros? —- Block me,BabY, Spread meAcross theStratosphere. —- To Find meIs to TentativelyCrush Upon ManyDiscomfortingWhat-ifs. “Ooh, boohoo.Too Challenging.” You Need meForgettable. You Couldn’tHandle thisB-Switch. ——————- Continue reading Are we

Consider me

The CrypticKeeper. Search for My thinly veiledConcubineOf syllabicSilhouettes. In AnyLanguage, they LoungeThe same- -Just here. —- Men loveto tinkerWith you As ifYou’reNot there. They wantYou toBe thereFor it; DisplayingNo partOf youFor Yourself. —- BreakingMaster peace, BastardizeThe beautyTo BecomeThe Beast. Claw andStarve herInsatiable. —- WhenAbsent They ConjureA mimic; Supposing[And posing] your replica To absoluteFinish. —— There isNo safetyOn the paths Of theMouths,Eyes,Or ears Of men CarvedInto … Continue reading Consider me

You cannot

Look atThe son Or you –—Will besucked in. —- There isToo muchInfluence There. You felt –——-It inYour bones As youApproachedThe frame; Brushingmagnets Pull andPush In-fluentFriction. —- Every cellsHoOk In proximalforce. LikeThe smallestPiecesOf you DeeplyKnew…. They wereSuddenly Not AloneAnymore. —- ButWe are Alone. Our eyes, Twin blades, Not forClashingIn–toEach-other. —- Be…careful Our Gaze Eclipsed May setMotion, Whether weLike itOr not. Continue reading You cannot