I regret to in-form you

That I amIn loveWith you. —- There isa Universe Where ICrashedMy carToday BecauseI couldn’tStop LookingAt you, And I amSo sorry- —-There. —- I droveAround)(((((The)BuildingFor you In the DeepDisguiseOf my ownAppearance, You mayNow notRecognize. [Look at me,With thoseEyes, YouOnce Directedat Me——thatOne Time———-before YouRealized——I——-was me.] —- My bodyIsn’t theBody you MightHaveStudied [When I was“Not looking”], And if ICoveredMy Eyes inSunglasses —I’d standA Fighting …HiddenChance… Continue reading I regret to in-form you

You are

The light beamsAnd shadows whichCurve round~~~~~~) /———————\| Every | Corner | /———————\| Of my | home. | —- I am every surface, And we AllWant DesperatelyTo be. —- I ache, rememberingYour Reach——out toTouch—these—-walls. —- My dear, you had one-—Exactly————right. I”m whoCouldn’t meetHall-the-way; Redacting our chancesAt——-last——-minute. —- Every medium here Reflects only whatCould have been, Had your absenceNot arrived in_________Place of youThat August night. ————————— Continue reading You are