Pure Evil

Once uponA time I met____ ____ atA Greenpeace LeadershipRetreat. A real hagOf a woman, ScragglyAnd manic.Quiet andMelancholic. —- At first,I tried to beNice to evil. Why notGive her aChance? How badCould sheReally be? But thisEvil had otherplans. —- One night,Some newFriends & ICaught her Finger-painting With Her own Blood On The bathroom, Wall, Cackling, &Chanting about Paternal abuse. — We toldOrganizers, And sheBlamed me. —- … Continue reading Pure Evil


An amount of snacks more fulfilling than my sex life right now would be –any. massacre me With bath bombs. The scruffy males Have made a formal announcement –they will not have me. And the ones that will think golf video games are entertainment or Will decidedly die beside a woman more evil than I. — It’s not answers to questions, but it will do. #JusJoJan Daily Prompt – … Continue reading january