Has usOut Here[not]Thinking. “CoveringEverythingIn poisonIs health,” It saysThrough Money& shitEatingGrins. — It’s———-Volatile. |Organic. |Chemicals Slow KilledMy mother. And then itPaid for her. CapitalismPlacedPrice tagOn herLife to us. —- I nearlySuffo-CatedIn herBloodMoney. PleaseExcuseMy short-Ness ofBreathe When ISay fuck___________. Colonialism,See, oh, too. Gonna…Suffocate—-ThE——possibilities. Make it’sBronchiInto frozenAir bags Hit byIt’s ownPoisonsImpact. —- DehumanizationSo trendy, If I said I WasHuman No longer Would AnyoneEven bat An eye? Continue reading Capitalism

“Sorry, I Do Not Know What I’m Doing”

I was unknowingly waterlogging this plant. The tendency to suffocate in place of nurturing comes naturally to me. — when it arrived, i sat it in direct sunlight causing it’s leaves to dry out, brittle, and fall off. i stuck those dead parts under it’s living ones, so they could lay together. “maybe, this Could be good for you,” i bet it. — i went … Continue reading “Sorry, I Do Not Know What I’m Doing”


When I Wrote you That note? your grandpa had just died; you were destroyed. you didn’t want to see me then. that’s when i knew, but  i still hand-wrote you that note -anyway in purple ink. it was an extended list of compliments. [you could never take a compliment] “your singing voice and how badly you want to make something with your hands” “how the … Continue reading remember