Has usOut Here[not]Thinking. “CoveringEverythingIn poisonIs health,” It saysThrough Money& shitEatingGrins. — It’s———-Volatile. |Organic. |Chemicals Slow KilledMy mother. And then itPaid for her. CapitalismPlacedPrice tagOn herLife to us. —- I nearlySuffo-CatedIn herBloodMoney. PleaseExcuseMy short-Ness ofBreathe When ISay fuck___________. Colonialism,See, oh, too. Gonna…Suffocate—-ThE——possibilities. Make it’sBronchiInto frozenAir bags Hit byIt’s ownPoisonsImpact. —- DehumanizationSo trendy, If I said I WasHuman No longer Would AnyoneEven bat An eye? Continue reading Capitalism

The Time Machine is Now

2020:———— Thanks toCOVID-19 I can feel EverySpaceBetween You and I. — Fill inAll myPockets With yourEmptyPromises. Aren’t weAll inflamedHere, Burning. — 2025: I am TheImperfectAcademicVertebrate. A bird ofCulture &war song. Touchmy Chirpsand breedWith me. Coop upWith myFlock ofFeatheredIntellectuals. — I Lay inMy nest The LivingLeftistDinosaur. — ProfitDug upAll theBones Of myDeadLovers. I didn’tDiversifyDramaticallyFor this. — 2030: HereWe are LaidDownDead for eliteConsumption. Too lateTo liveA life … Continue reading The Time Machine is Now