The half-dead Parasite is Codependent.

If you knewwhat’s goodfor ya You’d Coveryour Eyes,Mouth,and Ears, WashYourHands, And StaySixFeetA Part; Cause,baby, He’llrob yerYears. ———— IncaseYou wereWondering, “His last‘Girlfriend’ Was like,‘Totally crazy…’”; “She,‘That Bitch’Even Tried toKill Him! Parts of HimAre still withHer, But luckily,He foundYou Now…”. ——- He spitsHimself Into your mouth,So Delicately. “He couldn’tPossiblyBe harmful,” You’ll thinkTo yourself… But, therehe goes; DiggingIn yourdermis. ———— Don’t foolYourself, He won’tHesitate To SwimRound yourRespirateThoughtless; setting … Continue reading The half-dead Parasite is Codependent.

tightly woven

he’s got these women he weaves in and out like shift work. never touching, always brushing forces Uncommunicably; filling the gaps his miserable lonliness awake he can’t bare to face. son of god, trapped on that fabricated temple of entertainment, never wanting to be bothered on your time. says it’s easier to fall asleep with a body nearby, be it special or unimpressive. spits out … Continue reading tightly woven


been at this fork for so long ive been setting off flares for my own entertainment any emergency vehicle nice enough to respond i wave on “the infection in this little ol’ cut simply is not serious enough for your concern please, let me sit with it a little while longer it’s all i know anymore” — Continue reading flares