Growing from concrete

TheyAskedMe…. “Whatam IdoingHere?” — I SprungFrom aPatch ofHard earth. How dida BeautifulThing Growin Materials So Coarse &Unforgiving. — I BloomFor you inMy Body. —- After manyStagesOf Growth, My petals, [Blossom From ModifiedLeaves] EncaseBrightlyColoredShadesOf Blush. — I curlMy petalsFor you; BloomingTowardsYour sun. — I haveSwayedIn placeTo learn My ownBotanyOf futureSight. — Like leavesIn the rain, The cards Spill allYourSecrets. They drip outUnder myndEyes, lockedDown asleep. —- … Continue reading Growing from concrete

My life

Was a gameI clicked pastThe beginnerDemo to play. I was confidentI knew that AMeant jump &B meant run orAttack, and I’dButton mashedThe rest, actingLike that wasBeing player 1. I used to think IWas the AmazingSpider-Man t[w/o]o. —- Always wearingA mask is hard. I’d take it off byMyself to breathe. I trusted some peopleWith my real Pet-herPark-her, for them toWish they’d only everKnown Spider-woooooooooooooooork-Man. —- This … Continue reading My life

Final sale

At the endOf the day You wereAlways aLove put onBack order. EmotionallyUnavailable, WrappingYourselfPretty forMy PretendPurchase. —- I took youInto theDigitalDressingRoom, & triedYou onFor size. [“AugmentOur realityWith me, bb.”] —- You were agar—men-t I Visualized WrappedAroundThe BodyOf My life, Not justOn one FingerTo twirl areminder on, returning youBack to sender. —- I wantedTo TasteEvery candyInside theVariety-Pack of yourRag-tagChocolateyInsides, that You Kept 1Hand Over, remainingClosed to me. … Continue reading Final sale

I regret to in-form you

That I amIn loveWith you. —- There isa Universe Where ICrashedMy carToday BecauseI couldn’tStop LookingAt you, And I amSo sorry- —-There. —- I droveAround)(((((The)BuildingFor you In the DeepDisguiseOf my ownAppearance, You mayNow notRecognize. [Look at me,With thoseEyes, YouOnce Directedat Me——thatOne Time———-before YouRealized——I——-was me.] —- My bodyIsn’t theBody you MightHaveStudied [When I was“Not looking”], And if ICoveredMy Eyes inSunglasses —I’d standA Fighting …HiddenChance… Continue reading I regret to in-form you