I regret to in-form you

That I amIn loveWith you. —- There isa Universe Where ICrashedMy carToday BecauseI couldn’tStop LookingAt you, And I amSo sorry- —-There. —- I droveAround)(((((The)BuildingFor you In the DeepDisguiseOf my ownAppearance, You mayNow notRecognize. [Look at me,With thoseEyes, YouOnce Directedat Me——thatOne Time———-before YouRealized——I——-was me.] —- My bodyIsn’t theBody you MightHaveStudied [When I was“Not looking”], And if ICoveredMy Eyes inSunglasses —I’d standA Fighting …HiddenChance… Continue reading I regret to in-form you

You cannot

Look atThe son Or you –—Will besucked in. —- There isToo muchInfluence There. You felt –——-It inYour bones As youApproachedThe frame; Brushingmagnets Pull andPush In-fluentFriction. —- Every cellsHoOk In proximalforce. LikeThe smallestPiecesOf you DeeplyKnew…. They wereSuddenly Not AloneAnymore. —- ButWe are Alone. Our eyes, Twin blades, Not forClashingIn–toEach-other. —- Be…careful Our Gaze Eclipsed May setMotion, Whether weLike itOr not. Continue reading You cannot

You are Invited To a Pool party.

Writing space Is a catYou tryTo hide From yourLandlord. It alwaysComes out; MakingItself known At – Exactly The Wrong—Time. —- RSVP-lease Feel theFresh airToday. BreatheAnd PulseIn timeWith newlyConsciousWaves. —- I wantTo sink Myhands Inthe SandYou HidYour head in, Build aSandcastle, Name it “FortAbandonment”, And watch asOur wavesWash it away. — I wantTo FEEL Our residualPooledResonance. Make likeA MisanthropicInter tube, And Float onOur Poolsabilities. —- Water … Continue reading You are Invited To a Pool party.

The half-dead Parasite is Codependent.

If you knewwhat’s goodfor ya You’d Coveryour Eyes,Mouth,and Ears, WashYourHands, And StaySixFeetA Part; Cause,baby, He’llrob yerYears. ———— IncaseYou wereWondering, “His last‘Girlfriend’ Was like,‘Totally crazy…’”; “She,‘That Bitch’Even Tried toKill Him! Parts of HimAre still withHer, But luckily,He foundYou Now…”. ——- He spitsHimself Into your mouth,So Delicately. “He couldn’tPossiblyBe harmful,” You’ll thinkTo yourself… But, therehe goes; DiggingIn yourdermis. ———— Don’t foolYourself, He won’tHesitate To SwimRound yourRespirateThoughtless; setting … Continue reading The half-dead Parasite is Codependent.

How to Say

When you Aren’t Allowed To say Anything. Step One: Fucking don’t. Do not do The saying. I swear toFucking God, If you do So Help Me. Step two: Close Your lips. Make them Two too taut [but secretly] Tasty Turnips. So hard And dry No one Wants To put them Anywhere near Their mouth. Step Three: All else fails, Bite your Lips off Entirely. Whatever … Continue reading How to Say