TheyHanded usGypsies, too Their WhiteClay bowl. — Shrunk usDown, satUs all inside, Cold, andSaid, “ThisIs who you HaveAlwaysBeen.” —- We, too,Knew…Better… We areTheGeysers. WeareLife Ascending. Darks,Grays,Tans InBloom. We raiseUp IntoOurselves. — Theydidn’tCalculate Our wombsOnly knowTo create,Freely. — WebreatheIn Truths. MaskOurselves, FromTheirLies. — WeFillOurSelves, Un-Contain-ableLives, Bellowing OutSideColdCeramic. Continue reading Bellow

How to Make a Paper Family

I have soMuch fun Climbing up& riding solo On the tall rollingLadders stationedIn my Mind. I hang lil’ paperCut-outs Stringed Together From me[n]talRafters, deep inCerebral corners. —- I walk throughMy halls, alone. Looking at theFigments I haveHung, and sighContented, at a jobWell Done. I don’tRequire to knowWhether any ofThem breatheOr feel like you. —- I was never oneTo play with dolls. I am still uncertain … Continue reading How to Make a Paper Family

My life

Was a gameI clicked pastThe beginnerDemo to play. I was confidentI knew that AMeant jump &B meant run orAttack, and I’dButton mashedThe rest, actingLike that wasBeing player 1. I used to think IWas the AmazingSpider-Man t[w/o]o. —- Always wearingA mask is hard. I’d take it off byMyself to breathe. I trusted some peopleWith my real Pet-herPark-her, for them toWish they’d only everKnown Spider-woooooooooooooooork-Man. —- This … Continue reading My life

Final sale

At the endOf the day You wereAlways aLove put onBack order. EmotionallyUnavailable, WrappingYourselfPretty forMy PretendPurchase. —- I took youInto theDigitalDressingRoom, & triedYou onFor size. [“AugmentOur realityWith me, bb.”] —- You were agar—men-t I Visualized WrappedAroundThe BodyOf My life, Not justOn one FingerTo twirl areminder on, returning youBack to sender. —- I wantedTo TasteEvery candyInside theVariety-Pack of yourRag-tagChocolateyInsides, that You Kept 1Hand Over, remainingClosed to me. … Continue reading Final sale

Pure Evil

Once uponA time I met____ ____ atA Greenpeace LeadershipRetreat. A real hagOf a woman, ScragglyAnd manic.Quiet andMelancholic. —- At first,I tried to beNice to evil. Why notGive her aChance? How badCould sheReally be? But thisEvil had otherplans. —- One night,Some newFriends & ICaught her Finger-painting With Her own Blood On The bathroom, Wall, Cackling, &Chanting about Paternal abuse. — We toldOrganizers, And sheBlamed me. —- … Continue reading Pure Evil

Crusty Hairy Bear

Once upon aTime there wasA _____ _____ ____. His name wasBorings Bonsky And he wentOn a fundedAdventure onKick-starter toDrive around inA Station wagon& Paint just okayPortraits ofPeople aroundThe country. —- One magicalFriday NightOf Bonksy’sCrusty Travels He Found aLittle gameShop, and Decided toGo inside& draft upFresh prey. —- Bonksy met aYoung blueHaired Woman who, At the time, Did not careIf she livedOr died, And so sheAgreed … Continue reading Crusty Hairy Bear

Above me

The toddlerDrops herToysConstantly. — A man, whoI presumeIs herGrandfather, Talks in aLittle voiceJust belowA legibleVolume. All of himMakes mySkin crawl. —- One night,Just aroundMidnight, IHeard herSobbingInconsolablyOn the deck. I thoughtTo TuneInto liveAudio IInstalledNearby, And whatI heardSent meInto aTerribleDownwardSpiral. Every partOf me wasFrozen fearand Flight. —- My nervesCycledThroughOur defaultSettings MeasuringThe safestMode ofAction. —- As IScrambledInto a Coat, And hitScreen-record, I openedMy back doorAs fast asI could. … Continue reading Above me

The half-dead Parasite is Codependent.

If you knewwhat’s goodfor ya You’d Coveryour Eyes,Mouth,and Ears, WashYourHands, And StaySixFeetA Part; Cause,baby, He’llrob yerYears. ———— IncaseYou wereWondering, “His last‘Girlfriend’ Was like,‘Totally crazy…’”; “She,‘That Bitch’Even Tried toKill Him! Parts of HimAre still withHer, But luckily,He foundYou Now…”. ——- He spitsHimself Into your mouth,So Delicately. “He couldn’tPossiblyBe harmful,” You’ll thinkTo yourself… But, therehe goes; DiggingIn yourdermis. ———— Don’t foolYourself, He won’tHesitate To SwimRound yourRespirateThoughtless; setting … Continue reading The half-dead Parasite is Codependent.