You know

The planet? She calledMe, crying. She saidTheywereGoodChristianMen, theOnes whoDid thisTo her…. “Can’tBlameHimForHowHeWasRaised. He isn’tReallyLikeThat… …HeMeantWell.” — “He wasAbusedBy hisFoundingFathersToo.” He givesIt like heTook it.. How…?To Be-a Man? — Silly me,I’m sureYou’veHeardThisoneBefore! — HundredsOf yearsOf yt cis-Maleness HowcouldAnyoneForget tHis sickLegacy? Romanticized Genocides. Gunmen. Murderers. Vigilantes. Terrorists. Abusers. Rapists & Pedophiles. — Enough.About.Him…… — So manyForeverChemicalsIn Earth’s Veins, NoQuestion “She’s TheHeroin(e)…” — SlowBreath MassDeath BrainDisablingHumanity. — Land … Continue reading You know

I’m not Sure I Love You

I’m not SureI Love you,,, But the wayYou build 🏠Yourself intoMy life keepsMe {warmer}. —- Forgive meIf my heartMistakes 🥸You for Mine, Hard andfragile ribsBuilt to be- –Inside MyChest, Thereto Wrap so-}{Snug inSide. —- I feel you 💗 Beat nearby,Sweetheart}. — I am noStrangerTo stressFractures. I haveBrokenManyBones. TheyGrewBack,LikeYours. — I know theCold outside& how it hasImpacted all Our insideSoftnesses. — Curl aroundMy formings& please Do- … Continue reading I’m not Sure I Love You

the meaning of -lation

————————————the purpose underlying or intended by speech, action, etc. the inner, symbolic, or true interpretation, value, or message the meaning of a dream.———————————— I paint eachof my fingersa unique color. They each clickforward, alone;their own idea. —- Typing is mycoordinated stim-you-lation. —- Each ofOur fingersreflectinganother… All thingsmirrored,halved,& flipped. Continue reading the meaning of -lation