Those Eyes Have Seen Things Now

One of my
best friends
growing up

is a
wanted fugitive
for possession
and dealing of


we used
to play

“Can’t Touch
the Ground,”

“Kick the Can,”

and shoot
each other
squirt guns.

Listen to
Weird Al

and try
to wear
moon shoes.

you used to
put ice cubes
in your milk,

and get
“Short Circuit.”

your mug shot
is a fraction
of yourself;

and you were
never big.

what happened
between then
and now,
my old friend?

your family
doesn’t know
where you are.

made you
Not want
to Be found?



  1. speak766

    Wow, heartbreaking poem. It’s crazy how someone can change so drastically over time and turn into a totally different person. Sometimes you can’t help but wonder what happen that would make them change so fundamentally

    Liked by 1 person

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