aware: daily prompt

The complicated train
has many tracks,

and those tracks
aren’t even
relevant or necessary
to be fully blueprinted

the plans
have been
to build them.

I was a
half baked lovehobo
Coaxing you
to jump
on it’s boxcar
with me
for a month
or so.

I know,
“Bridges are best crossed
when you need to get
to what’s on the other side,
and not before.”

“Don’t live under them,
silly girl,

you will make yourself sick
–dwelling under them
like that
–as if they were built
to keep you safe.

Don’t you know?

every structure
which keeps
the rain
from coming
on your head
–will stop
the cold from
at your bones?

Don’t let yourself
freeze over me;

a statue
in reminiscence.”


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